About Us

LeadBurner prides itself on 100% guaranteed lead generation, pay for performance marketing services and consulting services that enable you to succeed in every marketing and sales endeavor.

LeadBurner Company History

LeadBurner was founded in 2009 as a direct marketing provider. At this time businesses had dramatically abandoned direct mail for more easily measured marketing techniques such as online marketing. We saw this move away from direct mail as an opportunity for our clients to participate in an under utilized outreach. Our first direct mail campaign was for a recurring revenue SaaS company who had poor renewal rates. With a focus on well targeted messages, the ability to measure every effort, and keeping costs affordable our campaign increased our clients renewal rate from 35% of clients to 45%. This 30% increase saved their business and they’re still operating strong today – several years later.

Our focus on leveraging technology and proving every campaign was well accepted with our clients and we were able to successfully increase our product offerings to lead generation, list provision, and marketing and sales consulting. In 2014 LeadBurner was acquired by Nead Co, an expert in business management consulting and business financial solutions. With this acquisition LeadBurner and Nead Co have been able to establish themselves as experts in providing lead generation and list provisioning for the financial industry. With years of experience working within the auspices of FINRA and SEC regulation, LeadBurner is well positioned to help a wide array of financial service providers with their marketing and sales efforts.

LeadBurner Guarantee

We extend all of our business services with a 100% guarantee – if we provide you with lists, leads or services that are not 100% up to par we’ll make it right until you are completely happy. We hate wasting our own time and we hate wasting clients’ time even more. We’re tireless in our pursuit of quality. It is evident in all we do.