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We provide wealth managers, financial planners and asset managers with consistent lead flow to their businesses, regardless of size and scope. Our targeted organic and paid campaigns are executed on both proprietary and partner sites across the internet. We espouse a pay-per-lead model for lead generation for wealth managers. In particular, you pay no retainers and no upfront costs. Your only risk is the ability to close the deal.

Many of our clients are long-time companies who’re comfortable and capable with their current client base, but who would be comfortable with meaningful growth within their organizations. Here are a few of the services we provide for increasing lead flow for your asset management company.

  • We create, test, manage and pay for all ad copy
  • We maintain paid and organic advertising costs within our own cost structure, charging your business for warm leads
  • You only buy exclusive leads, fitting within the boundaries of your high-level lead parameters
  • We work in partner to the quality of leads coming to you. Some of our current lead partners include names like JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch.

In effect, we remove a great deal of the advertising risk on your end by only charging you for effective procurement of information, including names and phone numbers of potential clients in your area seeking someone to help manage their wealth.